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Default Re: How Much Money will be saved next year.

Originally Posted by Curtain_of_Steel View Post
We could cut Ben too, saves us 10million probably. since we don't need Wallace or Pouncey, we really don't need Ben.
now THAT is just stupid on so many different levels.

the FRIST rule in discussing capology is being able to take off the homer fanhat and looking at things objectively. sometimes teams are forced into making tough decisions very few of the fans are able to understand (think the texans wanted to dump eric winston or mario williams)?

Ben costs 19 mil against the cap next year, not the 10 mil in savings you would suggest because their is also the prorated (amortized) portion of his signing bonus that has already been restructured and pushed into the future twice.

that is a FAR cry than the situation wallace and pouncey find themselves in. wallace controls his own destiny in 2013 or becomes a top 5 paid wr for one year. pouncey finds himself in the same boat in 2014.

in 2013 you are looking at extending young guys or retaining the services of players like ike, troy, and heath.

while cutting guys like harrison and keisel may actually save 14.5 mil, it really only ammounts to $8mil in cap relief.
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