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Default Re: Honestly, this one's over

Originally Posted by jb500ex View Post
giants won because they have the best clutch qb in the game.
Put down the crack pipe. The "best clutch qb" in the game barely got his team to the playoffs, and his defense did a lot of the heavy work. Take away Osi Umenurethra, Justin Tuck, and the Giant's front 7, and Eli looks pretty mediocre.

Originally Posted by jb500ex View Post
ben has been horrible the last 2 or 3 years at the end of games and choked 2 games already this year.
How does 4 TDs and 400 yards equal a "choke"? Not only are you smoking crack, but it was cut a few times with baking soda and baby laxative as well.

Originally Posted by jb500ex View Post
all he needed was another 1st down and the defense couldnt blow the game
All the defense had to do was protect a 14 point lead on one of the worst offenses in the league, or get a stop near the end, instead of letting Carson Palmer carve us up like a turkey.

Come to think of it-- all they had to do in Denver was slow Peyton down-- the offense owned time of possession, it put up points, and it kept Peyton Manning off the field for nearly an hour at one point in the game.

Originally Posted by jb500ex View Post
instead he was happy because he put up arians numbers using his plays. both those morons forget its about final score not yards. 31 is nice but in this league today with this defense they will still need more
So...if the offense is having to COMPENSATE for the defense, how is it the offense's fault we lost those games?

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