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Default Re: How Much Money will be saved next year.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
im not saying they wont potentially live up to their contracts, just pointing out where some mega savings can be had.

i'll add mendenhall in there as well.... and miller.

lets face it, our running game will suck with or w/o pouncey and we will give up just as many sacks (he is awesome and one of the best but we've done just the same with or without him).

same with wallace. with 9-10 extra mil a year, we can spend money elsewhere and try to find someone to compliment brown and sanders in the draft.

did i mention sanders is a free agent as well?

when studying capology, you have to look at EVERY option seriously... thats just how the biz is and how the best in the biz (like o. kahn) approach it.
Tony, I normally agree with you... about 98.5% agreement. But, I completely disagree on this topic.

OL has the key to football. Well, the QB is the key... but, the OL prevents the defenders from getting to the QB. Thus, they are the key by proxy.

SuperBowl XLV can be said (by some) to have been "turned", when a Packer DL pushed Doug Legursky back into BB, forcing a pick-six.

SuperBowl XLIII had a similar play, where Darnell Dockett pushed Justin Hartwig back into BB.

When Pouncey is in, the pocket is solid up the middle.

But, as great as he is, Pouncey can not do it on his own. He needs at least two other good players around him.

DD will help this OL get better. Him next to Pouncey WILL be special. Not only will it protect BB, it will make holes for ANY running back. Sure, he wasn't stellar as a rookie in the pre-season... but, he was a rookie... in the pre-season. Faneca didn't even start until mid-way through his rookie year.

The Colon is a bitter disappointment (to me). I thought that he'd flourish as an OG. Alas, he is a penalty machine. And, honestly, Kemo seemed to block better (with the same amount of penalties). I can only hope that The Colon gets better.

Gilbert (and Adams and Beachum) give the Steelers a solid RT (& two capable back-ups, along with the interior back-ups: Legursky & Foster).

The glaring hole is at LT. Starks is rock-solid, but he has been too injured to last much longer. I was hoping that the future was Adams, but Beachum seems to be ahead of him on the depth chart (which is not a good sign for Adams). Maybe Gilbert switches over... nah, I say leap him at RT. Anyway, that means that the key to helping Pouncey, which is the key to helping BB, is a LT. I really like Barrett Jones. Anyway...

Where was I... (I got lost in a tangent)...

I totally understand the cap. I know that sometimes, tough devisions have to be made. But, on the flip side, Omar Kahn is great at working the cap, in order to keep players around. The best example: look at Ike Taylor's contract(s).

Money invested in Pouncey helps BB. It helps the WRs get open (via the DL not being able to get to BB for 7 seconds), It helps the RBs (via holes). I am all for spending money on the OL.

Maybe the OL hasn't been much better with or without Pouncey... (I think it has indeed been better: look at those aforementioned SuperBowls)... but, again, one O-lineman cannot take on the entire DL.

Pouncey is one cog.
DD is the second cog.
It is a work in progress... that I would like to see continue to develop.
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