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Default Romney and Obama - what's the difference?


Why are Republican voting bases and Democratic voting bases arguing over "their guy."
To me it's just a sad joke and American politics (of which I am a very active observer and participant) has become a complete absurdity.

These men are identical. What (Obama) is a Collectivist/Corporatist and the other (Romney) is a Corporatist/Collectivist.

When you're middle class or lower class is it really worth it to put so much passion into your downfall?

So you're a Democrat. Your family has always been a Democrat. You support the middle class and think corporations need to pay their fair share. You didn't support the wars or the Patriot act or the erosion of our civil liberties.

Great. Now ask Obama why he allowed GE to pay ZERO in taxes after all his rhetoric, why he's now killing anyone and everyone, EVEN AMERICAN CITIZENS with drone strikes, why he signed into law the NDAA which kills the 4th amendment and transforms us LITERALLY into the definition of a police state (even if said power hasn't been exercised yet) and started a whole bunch of new wars that's further destabilized the Middle East.

Oh, but he came to you with a smile. You thought he was different.

So you're a Republican. Your family has always been a Republican. You support small government, liberty for the individual, personal freedom and responsibility, and a "strong foreign policy to keep us safe."

Great. Prepare to have to fight your own candidate on virtually EVERYTHING the moment he takes office as if he's the very same man (Obama) that you now claim is trying to destroy the country. Get ready to get amnesty for 30 million illegals via executive order, signed by the pen of a REPUBLICAN, the invasion of Iran justified yet again by bogus war propaganda, and a locked in Obamacare courtesy of the man who created the prototype for it. Get ready to realize you've been fooled all over again by a man running against the Democrats who turns out to be the worst kind of what your Democrat stereotype is the moment he takes the oath of office which he'll start breaking 5 minutes later. Hope you like the feeling of a knife in the back.

How long before you guys realize that there isn't a dimes worth of difference between any of these candidates, and that nothing changes in this nation from one President to the next. What, ultimately, is the difference between George Bush and Obama? NOTHING. What, ultimately, is the difference between Obama and Romney? NOTHING AGAIN.

The political class is a ruling oligarchy. Each party has its slight and ultimately irrelevant differences and fight to have the power to give those differences federal funding by inventing arbitrary and irrelevant differences to get different blocks of votes, whether that be entitlements, abortion, "a strong national defense" and all that other garbage. It's window dressing.

Both parties are the same. Both candidates are the same. America is being sold out.
There will be no middle class soon, which is what has always separated America from the rest of the world. YOU'RE BEING WIPED OUT. First they both worked "in the spirit of bipartisanship" to break your mortgages which wiped out most of your value, they enriched themselves and their cronies on the corruption that produced our massive dept and now they're going to saddle the Middle Class with paying it off until we're a nation, like most other nations, of a wealthy aristocracy and political class, with serfs on the bottom, and NOTHING IN BETWEEN.

Know why Ron Paul was destroyed? Because he isn't a part of it.

Vote Gary Johnson. He'll be on the ballot in all 50 states.
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