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Default Re: Honestly, this one's over

Originally Posted by tanda10506 View Post
Ben can't win them by himself though. He had a great game and we still couldn't beat a true bottom feeder. Even with Ben playing that well we were still out scored BY THE RAIDERS. The defense doesn't need to be top notch by any means for the offense to be able to win games for us, but they have to play better then they did.
To be fair for the sake of objectivity, while I agree with all the sentiments about the defense looking real raggedy, the offense in the 4th quarter yielded 0 points, committed a crucial turnover, and failed to convert a vital 3rd down after they had just converted on 4th down in attempt to keep the putrid defense off the field.

The defense is definitely in hurting way, literally and figuratively, but the offense can't turn the ball over and come to a grinding halt in the 4th quarters of these games against inferior teams. It just opens the door for bad things to happen, as we saw Sunday, and so many other times in the last few years. If the offense even gets 3 pts. in the 4th quarter, the Steelers prolly sneak out of Oakland with an ugly win, instead of an ugly loss.

***DISCLAIMER***This is in no way a defense for the way this defense has played.

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