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Default Re: Romney and Obama - what's the difference?

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
I think people should also consider Jill Stein of the Green Party. Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party is intriguing as well.

Any candidate that refuses to take corporate $$$ should be considered. How can there be a clearer sign of independence and conscience?
People should always consider all choices, not just what the media dishes out to them.

Here is a fun litmus test to see who you side with most on the issues. I took this a while ago when Paul was still in the GOP running, and because he's out of the race now, he no longer shows up in the results.

What was funny, was for giving mostly conservative answers (be sure to select the options of "choose another stance" to give more detailed answers), it showed I sided more with Obama than with Romney on the issues that were important to me. It was very slight, as both only came in just above 50% for me...but that was compared to the 98% I got with Johnson and 97% with Paul. Stein and Goode didn't even crack 25% for me. The results you see are interesting, to say the least.

They are also raising money to do Senate and House candidates. I think that would be a great idea for people. It would be such a helpful tool to get people to look at all their choices and learn about them and where they stand...not just sitting around listening to some talking head or 30 second commercial spot to get all their info.
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