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Default Re: Steelers’ run game off to worst start in 62 years

“But I don’t think (the running game) is too much different than it’s been,” Mendenhall said. “It might be perceived that we’re struggling, and it’s not the case. It’s a different offense, we’ve got some different guys, and we’re trying to figure out how to put it together.”

I wanna know what hell Rashard Mendenhall is smoking, how much it costs per ounce and who I need to call to get some. Is he serious? Perceived to be struggling? That's like saying a whale is perceived to be a large animal. It's one thing to back your teammates, but that statement is asinine. This running game is embarassing. I'm not sure if RM is the fix to the problem, but I hope so. But that smacks of classic denial to me. And you can't fix a problem, if you deny it exists.

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