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Default Re: “When Obama is in the White House for a second term I'll take it all off!”

Originally Posted by Vis View Post
It won't work. I've had this argument about the Green Party too. Third parties can't start with a presidential candidate. First of all, if Johnson won he could do nothing in office. He wouldn't have a party to fight for any legislation. He wouldn't have backing for judicial appointments, etc..

If you want a third party to rise you need congressmen and state legislatures first.
Well yes, agreed on that...but first you have to get the name and policies out there on a national level or else people won't even look twice at a Libertarian on the ballot for Senate, House or local elections. Movements generally do have to start small though, and many are trying to promote their third party candidates on a local level. The names just need more national exposure.

Johnson wasn't a ballot Libertarian when he was Governor, but he held libertarian principles while in office, and was successful...and now is trying to sell that nationally.
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