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Default Re: 4 Circulation

Note: Not directed at this thread or specific posts... just an observation of how things are going in general in this country...

This back and forth of "who is worse" is total bullshit. Both sides are ****-ups and really aren't that much different right now. Voting 33 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act?!? Seriously? Move on and get some real ****ing work done. If I brought the same idea to my boss 33 times in a year, my ass would be fired!

"Waste" your vote on someone different, like Gary Johnson, Ron Paul (I know he's not on the ballot, just saying...), etc that may actually have a shot at bringing actual change. Even if it's not change with legislation, it will be change with the status quo thinking of the American people of who "should" be in office (Rep or Dem).

Then again, I may just be too optimistic and the American people really are that blind and dumb. Bitch and complain about governement, politicians, etc and have a huge opportunity to show we won't stand for it anymore, but it will still be the same old Republican and Democrat party going on in Washington. We (the American people) have nobody to blame but ourselves. That's what the majority of people don't see... we got ourselves into this mess and we have a glowing opportunity to get ourselves out of it. /rant

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