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Default Re: Thoughts on the season so far

Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post
You're SERIOUSLY going to go that route and blame the offense? Seriously dude? Not only is this offense completley DESTROYING teams in time of possession (keeping that old, slow and done defense off the field is key, right?) but they are scoring points and giving the defense the lead.

In week 2 against Denver, the offense twice gave the defense the lead, keeping Peyton Manning off the field for a WHOPPING one hour of play and we STILL lost the game. In week 2, our offense scored 27 points and had a breath-taking 10 minute drive to close the game at home. In week 3, our offense was absolutely BRILLIANT, scoring 31 points of offense and playing with the lead the entire game until the final gun.

And it's because of inserting the fullback? Good grief. You people are downright NAUSEATING to listen to after a loss. Out of all my years that I have watched the Pittsburgh Steelers, it's to NEVER panic after a couple tough loss's. You fans should buckle down and do the same and realize this season is FAR from over. If it's any team to rebound, it's us. Same thing every year. We're bound to drop some tough road games.

We will respond.
I am just joking about the effect a "true" fullback has on our record, it's sort of a running joke I've been going with since the season started. Maybe not the best joke since nobodies laughing but wry or sarcastic tones can be hard to detect over the net.
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