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Default Re: “When Obama is in the White House for a second term I'll take it all off!”

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
Thanks Tony...good to hear it from someone who's seen his policies in action first hand. I've only ever heard good things about him (unless it's some gibberishy rant from a far right conservative about pot smoking hippies, gays or abortions). I had never really heard much about him though until it was clear that Paul wasn't even going to get a moment at the RNC.

I actually agree with him on most issues more than I do with Paul (mostly in the social issues, and a bit in foreign policy).

Excellent story about his employees too. I've heard about his start up business, and how he basically entered politics as a nobody, and was told he didn't stand a chance, especially in a democratic state.

He's the kind of candidate, that if the GOP wasn't so fervent about their archaic stances on social issues, would have absolutely crushed Obama in an election. He's the type of guy I actually get excited to vote for.
this may be sad, and some will just say i am biassed, but i truly believe that since clinton (with the exception of dole and possibly gore) that both gay johnson and his NM gov successor bill richardson have been the best and most qualified presidential candidates. both boasted huge popularity and proved to be able to govern from the middle.

although NM is known as democratic, people have no problem voting someone like johnson in. Pete dominici was revered as a (R) senator who served for 30 years and always got my vote. not because im republican but because he was damn good at his job, smart as hell, and well respected in washington. he represented new mexicans the way anyone would want to be represented.

the difference bwtween gore defeating bush in 2000 was 5000 votes. some states you just know how theyre going to vote one way or another based on history and demographics. in NM you usually never know. the most reasonable candidate (on the state and national level).

make no mistake, one cannot use NM politics as a stepping stone. its pretty much a road to nowhere. our best politicians are typically dedicated to public service w/o false pretenses or ulterior motives or they are voted out regardless of party affiliation.

IMO for johnson to make it even this far on the national stage says alot about him.
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