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Default Re: How Much Money will be saved next year.

from kaboly of the trib-

#Steelers OC Todd Haley handed out one of his highest grade ever to this guy following the Raiders game.

Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley told me today that the grade he gave center Maurkice Pouncey after reviewing the tape of Sunday's loss to Oakland was one of/if not the highest grade he ever remembers handing out to a player in all his days of coaching. That's saying something, especially after the Steelers rushed for only 54 yards.

pouncey is gonna stay but he will cost LT money. I thought colon would be dominant by now, of course decastro is hurt. starks is at the end of the line and i dont think gilbert gets it. he has cement between his ears and seems more concerned with his social life than football.

the upcoming cap situation reminds me alot of 2007 where we had faneca, ward, and polamalu (3 sure HOF candidates who earned and were worth big contracts) to pay but only enough cap wiggle room to keep 2.

there are going to be alot of similar dificult decisions coming up. i have a feeling the league is going to work real hard to keep the salary cap from rising like it was 4-5 years ago at a rate of about 7 mill/year.
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