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Default Re: It's Scheme, not Talent.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
ive seen plenty of remarks here that suggest people arent seeing the forest through the trees.

there is history at work that isnt being acknowleged. dick lebeau formulated the zone blitz scheme to combat the west coast offense invented by bill walsh. if you look back is is the bungles defense (with lebeau on the staff) that gave the 49ers the only competition they ever faced in thier 5 superbowls. how ironic is that (walsh came to the 49ers from the bungles staff). were it not for tim krumrie breaking his leg in the 88 sb the bungs would have a ring and the 49ers only have 4 (or less).

so teams have figured this defense out? thats what they said in 2002 when the patriots and raiders opened the season spreading us out and torching us for 90 points in the 1st 2 games. eventually our slapdick DC who didnt know how to run the scheme was fired and the master was brought back. 8 years, 4 AFC champ games, and 2 SB victories later, half the league is running some version of OUR 3-4 defense, and about just as many teams are still trying to duplicate what the raiders and patriots were able to do back in 2002 with their vesrion of the spread offense.

lebeaus defense has virtually eliminated the fullback from nfl rosters, and turned bell cow backs into a rarity.

lebeaus defense has prompted the LEAGUE to institute rules to eliminate hitting and to open up the passing game almost to areana league proportions.

any of yall who think the raiders scrub OC has suddenly figured out and mastered lebeau is a joke (not that knapp hasnt been around the block and isnt familiar with his concepts).

again, if you step back and look at things objectively, it is the SCHEME that is growing and forcing the league and its offenses to adapt and change.

the steelers defense has been the driving force. for almost 20 years about 28+ teams have known that if you want a realistic shot of winning a superbowl, you better be prepared to beat the steelers who stand in the way.

no other team can say that.
This, well spoken Sir!!!! Now to adress the other, you know LeBeau has had a history of adjusting when other teams adjust to the Defensive scheme, with the Bye Week I truly believe there will be adjustments. If you look at the 1st game of the season (without Clark) with Troy on the field Peyton Manning was completely razzled, Troy has the ability to get inside a QB's head. Yes I am as sore as anyone with the loss to the Raiders, I am chomping at the bit to see what happens after the bye. Also, the schedule hasn't been remarkably favorable, 1st game of the season having to fly to Denver (without Clark), then fly home to play the 2nd game against the Jets, hmmmmm hasn't Rex Ryan schemed against the Steelers enough? 3rd game of the season, get back on a plane and fly to the West Coast to play the Raiders, anyone on here ever had "Jet Lag"? Not to mention all of the games have been the 4:30 p.m. or later games. The cards have been stacked against the Steelers to include the early bye week, truth is, I am waiting to see how the team reacts with a healthy Polamalu and hopefully a healthy Mendenhall, maybe establishing a run game will help the Defense out and keep them off the field (also having AB hold onto the ball at mid-fieldwhen the Steelers have the lead may also help BIG TIME). Oh, and lets not forget Polamalu and Clark have not been on the field at the same time this year! I truly believe LeBeau will adjust, question is, will the rest of the Steelers opponents be ready for the adjustments?
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