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Default Re: ‘Oh, sweet Jesus!’

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
Shouldn't believe everything msnbc spoon feeds you.
Could be worse - MSNBC could be broadcasting suicides like Fox News did today

A man committed suicide live on Fox News a few minutes ago. FNC had been carrying a car chase in the Phoenix area and when the suspect pulled over, he ran down a dirt road, then stopped, put a gun to his head, and fell to the ground. No other national networks were carrying the chase.

When the man first exited the car, anchor Shepard Smith said presciently ”You wait for the end of these things and you worry how they may end.” Viewers could hear Studio B crew members, who were watching a live feed of what was happening, gasp and Smith say, “Get off, get off, get off,” asking the control room to cut away. But they didn’t in time.

Fox then went to a commercial break. Upon returning, Smith said, “Well I’ve got some explaining to do.”
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