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Default Re: Larry Foote Says Players Donít Trust LeBeau

Originally Posted by Neil-Still-Rules-14 View Post
To be honest, one could make the case that Larry Foote has been the best player on defense thus far this year...
I could see that point if he didn't look lost so much, if he were organized and took the defense over as its true leader then that would be something to expound upon. Also, consider this, I mean no offense to you, one could also look at it like Neil O' Donnell actually "Threw" the SB away against the Cowboys. With that analogy, the coaches call the plays, it is up to the players to execute, a good leader on either side of the ball have to lead their people to make plays. Instead of Foote pointing the finger at someone maybe he needs to turn the finger towards himself as the "Defensive Leader" or at least one of them.
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