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Default Re: Browns vs Ravens & return of real refs

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
how strange would a ATL-HOU superbowl matchup be? 2 teams with virtually no SB experience and a guranteed 1st time winner.

outside of the 2 rather large markets, i wonder if anyone else would even really care?

the SB is such an institution that it will get great ratings, thats a given.
In a certain sense, i don't know if i'd use the phrase "no one is going to care", but there would certainly be, at minimum, a dismissive attitude toward it across the board on a certain level and it would likely be forgotten about much faster than the other games. (not that different from a few of the recent sleep-inducing World Series...)
That said....if we aren't in it....i would much rather see something like this. Getting sick of seeing the Giants, Pats, Saints, Packers in the end. Need some new blood showing up at the very end.
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