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Default Re: ‘Oh, sweet Jesus!’

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
As I stated previously, it isn't about Romney. This is a referendum on yer boy. And he'll go down. He knows it. His handlers know it. Bobdole knows it.

If you handicap this race from the standpoint of matching bho's persona, Romney is as illequipped as McCain.

Persona carried clinton, and has carried yer boy to this point. clinton enjoyed an almost Eisenhower eight years in terms of events that shape a presidency. His only crises were of his own doing and he skated through them, albeit at a considerable cost in cruise missiles.

Persona is all yer boy brought to the table, aside from an agenda to destroy the Republic. A significant number of our countrymen have come to realize both and will quietly go about the business of removing him on November 6th.

Why do I like Romney? He isn't bho, and he has the requisite skills and experience to actually do the job at hand. Yer boy has demonstrated that he doesn't. Romney will triage the wreckage, make the hard decisions, and right the ship in his utterly unspectacular manner. But that is precisely what the Republic needs after four years of a campus radical's wet dream.

BTW, I'm a "righty" only in contrast to how far left this society has slithered.
You already have the hate Obama vote. That won't get it done. You need to inspire the middle with something. Good luck.

All generalizations are dangerous.
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