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Default Re: The Steelers Defense: Extreme Makeover Needed?

Originally Posted by Rick5895 View Post
I do agree on Hood. If we were in a 4-3 he would be a very good , if not great, 3 technique DT, but we aren't and Hood struggles at times. If we could somehow get a 3rd round pic for him (or higher) I'd trade him.
While Foote's coverage skills aren't the best he is providing solid play. We saw how important Clark is to this D when he missed the Broncos game. I think right now Keisel is facing the same problems that Woodley faces. He gets more pressure because of a lack of presence from the other side.
I had a feeling that Sean Spence was going to be special and his injury really hurt this D. We have a problem that most teams want to have. We seem to be always in the mix for a division or conference title, that makes our draft spot low first round, difficult to draft impact defensive back drafting in the 20's.
Hopefully we can go get a quality safety in this years draft.
In what fantasy world do you see a team offering a 3rd round (or higher) for a DT who's not exceptional? That's just pure delusion
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