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Default Personnel for a 4-3?

I am going to preface this with saying that I love our 3-4 D, and that I think it can still be effective, but we currently don't have the personnel for it to function properly. I am not on the fire Lebeau band-wagon, although sometimes he doesn't make on the fly adjustments like I wish he would. Having said that I believe this will be his final year with the team.

Curious what the thought would be on the Steelers using or temporarily switching to a 4-3. The guys we have on the d-line would be better suited for it. A D-line with Heyward, Kiesel, Mclendon & Hood Could be very effective. Hood along with Heyward, and possibly Mclendon would be better suited for the 3 technique, they should be attaching, not filling gaps. I also wonder if Woodley could get rotated into that d-line.

The next issue is at the LB position. we have no depth at this position, if we temporarily switch to a 4-3 it would help with our depth situation. So how would this work? Could we switch it around like so: Foote, Woodley, Timmons as the Backers? I understand that this isn't something that could be done overnight, but could we possibly see this as a sub-package for the D, like the 4-2-5 they used a few times?

We haven't drafted very well the past few yrs at the LB position and this worries me because that's what makes our defense tick. I do like the Spence pick, and I thought he could be something special, bizzaro world Timmons if you would. It looks like the LB position is a worry for now, and the future. Especially with Harrisons health, Footes age and Timmons being average at best.

I am also curious what the difference is between our D and the Cardinals D, more specifically how they play their Corners. Do they always give an 8 yard cushion like we consistently do? Is there any difference in scheme at all between the Cards and Steelers when it comes to defense? Maybe it was all Tomlins master plan when he took over, eventhough Butler is heir apparent.
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