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Default NFL didn't like my idea.

Two years ago I sent a letter to the NFL headquarters on my take of how the "BY WEEKS" should be scheduled, but they still have it screwed up so I guess my idea twurnt good nuff fer um.

Its pretty simple and goes like this here;

Week 7, 2 teams from each division have a by week, the remaining 2 teams from each division will play each other.

Week 8, AFC-NFC Rival Week, all teams will play a team from their opposing conference.

Week 9, repeat of week 7, the other half gets their by week.

The next year, the teams swap from week 7 to week 9 and keep rotating as the years go by.

This is just to damn simple and makes sence and seems fair to me, but I don't have a college degree so I guess I'm just a dumb ass.

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