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Default Re: Personnel for a 4-3?

Originally Posted by Curtain_of_Steel View Post
Everyone is not running at 4-3 def.

Steelers do not have the personell to run a 4-3, they would have to spend big to get it, and thats not happening, we cant get pressure not from these guys and you want to change them up to 4 new mind set positions? They have zero depth at LB thus our problems, no CBs at all, thus our problems and a safety that is hurt.
Sorry curtain; I totally disagree. The change won't happen this year; but it can happen for next year. As for spending big; they will be getting rid of a ton of salary and can pick up a lineman or two. ziggy is better suited for a 4 3 as is Timmons. Is it a surprise that both were 1st rounders. And you said it yourself. we have zero depth at lb and in my opinion we don't have much left there due to poor drafting. In order to run a good 3 4; the life of your d is the linebackers and right now; that is not a strong point for the Steelers. It can happen; not this year; but it can definately when Lebau is gone.
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