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Default Re: Will gas prices drop when Obama is elected...

i get a kick out of people driving vehicles half the size of a school bus , bawling about gas prices ...
my response...."where were you in 2008 dumbass "

this is what i don't get...
January 2, 2008—The day after New Years saw crude oil prices at a record $100 per barrel, with regular unleaded fuel costing an average of $3.05 per gallon.
now when its $100 a barrel gas is $4 a gallon...
can you say.....EXPORT !!!
any fool who thinks drilling for more oil or building the canadian pipeline is going to translate to lower gas prices is in for a rude awakening.....these scumbags aren't going to let profits decrease , even if they have to blow up their own oil rigs or start a new war.
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