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Default Re: Will gas prices drop when Obama is elected...

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post

this is what i don't get...

now when its $100 a barrel gas is $4 a gallon...
can you say.....EXPORT !!!

any fool who thinks drilling for more oil or building the canadian pipeline is going to translate to lower gas prices is in for a rude awakening.....these scumbags aren't going to let profits decrease , even if they have to blow up their own oil rigs or start a new war.
the oil baron bush's and haliburton bed buddies (all saudi arabian butt plugs) have no idea what you are talking about.

oil is ready to be made obsolete many years before it was scheduled to run out. unfortunately too many people are invested in it and they are protected from the gamble. the prices will keep going up increasing the ammt of investors. then, just like the housing market, the house of cards will all come crumbling down.

= the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
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