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Default Re: Personnel for a 4-3?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
is this a rhetorical question?

our former OC is their HC. our former secondary coach is their DC. our former CB is now their secondary coach and our latest CB to leave is now their starting CB.

up until game one of this season, their starting OLB's were our 05 SB starters.

i dont even watch all their games though, let alone rewatch or study their game film.

there are some differences in personnel though. kerry rhodes and adrian wilson havent missed a start. their #1 pick from last year patrick peterson is about as dynamic as they come. they definitely have some studs playing in their front 7.

can you name a single team that has four 300+ lb guys starting on the DL? are you suggesting the way every other team in the NFL has been running it for years is wrong, and that your way could be very effective?

you do know that a majority of our OLB's were former DE's in college, right?

teh transition you suggest just isnt that easy. i wish people would quit making line up changes on paper and thinking its as simple as baseball.

Tony; with all due respect it isn't as hard to do as you think. Teams do it all the time. The Steelers just have never done it that's why some of us have a problem thinking about the transition. all I am saying is; the Steelers have invested first round picks in guys who are better suited playing in a 4 3. Is it a coincidence; I don't know. I do know this; there d sucks right now and people can say whatever they want about personnel. When I read articles about how Carson Palmer says it's the same d over the last 7 years; that's emabarassing. I don't care what we play; but Tomlin needs to step in and get control of this d because as long as I remember; Steeler football is about defence!!! 3 4 or 4 3!!
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