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Default Re: Personnel for a 4-3?

Originally Posted by PhantomJB93 View Post
Won't happen but Keisel, Heyward, Hood, and Woodley could form a 4-3 DLine and Timmons and Foote could play LB. I guess you could keep Harrison at LB too. Truthfully that would only get a "pass" as a 4-3, we have noone truly in the mold of a 4-3 DE on this team which is the most crucial position in that scheme. Woodley and Keisel or Woodley and Harrison could get the job done but their talents would not be maximized playing there.
I'm not sure what you mean by not having a true 4-3 DE in the mold.. You forgot Woirlds who also played 4-3 DE in college. I agree we won't see a switch this year but as I stated above. With Harrison, Hampton, Kiesel retiring/or just going in a different direction this opens up cap space. We may just have the money to fill what we need for next year to fully turn into a 4-3 via the draft and free agency.
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