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Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity
Please tell me im not the only one worried by this...lets hope they learned from their mistakes 2 years ago when tommygun was in full swing and we went 6-10.

Open it up for Ben yes, give him more options and free reign on the playbook, but dont go overzealous w/ it. remember who we are and what our identity is.
I don't think the Steelers are going to stray far from our running game...Ii think it is just menaing that there will be more options and everyonce in a while we will pass on first and second down. I think they will still pride themselves in running the ball, wearing defenses down, and controlling the clock! I think it will just be utalized to throw the defenses off and not be as predictible, which will also help our running game to be even better than before, IMO!
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