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Default Re: Gruden's love affair with Romo

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
Tony Romo is a pretty good guy, he's just not that great a QB. The Philip Rivers of the NFC.

Thas exactly what i was going to say. A "philip rivers" clone. Both very good QB's, but they both are missing that "it" factor that the Brady's, the Bree's, the Ben's have.
I'd put him just a shade under Rivers.
I certainly get SICK and tired of the accolades that continue to get thrown his way over and over and over. I don't get it....and i don't see it. And Romo consistently flubs it up in the big games.
If i was a team, i'd pass on Romo. No thank you.

BTW, this is one of the only flaws of Gruden. I love the guy, love listening to him. I think he's fantastic. Certainly 100X more interesting than most of the working stiffs that the networks have in the booth.
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