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Default George Will - Obama Would Be Losing If He Were White

The explanations from the GOP hard core as to why Obama is not losing become ever more imaginative

That Obama is African American may be important, but in a way quite unlike that darkly suggested by, for example, MSNBC’s excitable boys and girls who, with their (at most) one-track minds and exquisitely sensitive olfactory receptors, sniff racism in any criticism of their pin-up. Instead, the nation, which is generally reluctant to declare a president a failure — thereby admitting that it made a mistake in choosing him — seems especially reluctant to give up on the first African American president

So the American electorate will not give the white guy candidate a fair shake and the man who coached Ronald Reagan for his 1980 debate prep while writing his political columns extolling the virtues of the Reagan campaign is chapped about members of the news media treating a candidate as their "pin-up"?

Got it
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