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Default Re: Larry Foote Says Players Donít Trust LeBeau

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post

*sniffle* [wiping tears away]

thats a beautiful story, man. did you come up with that riding off into the sunset fairy tale all by yourself?

i might actually buy into your wildly speculative and make believe theory if it want 100% false and disputed by about every single steelers defensive player who freely admits that lebeau overhauls the defense every off season and intruduces about 15-20% of new plays EVERY YEAR in camp.

i really hope people do some research on the matter.

farrior, clark and polamalu are/were the communicators....
Hey, you're entitled to your opinion.

And of course you know what they say about opinions...

Are you still going to be saying the same things when LeBeau has to blow into a tube to make his wheelchair move up and down the sidelines? Because it sounds as if you're one of those folks who thinks he should be here until they can't detect a pulse.

It's funny that you should use 15 to 20% as a figure because that's about how much I feel that LeBeau's NUMBER ONE DEFENSE has dropped off in each of the last three years or so.

(could be those new plays)
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