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Default Re: Did the White House order a cover-up over the murder of Libya's US Ambassador?

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
Can't get anything past you Dan. Right up there with previous administrations sending April Glaspie to Baghdad.
Oh - so you were serious? I was unaware of your deep respect for Islamic cultural preferences

So I guess it also is a mistake to send a woman who is Secretary of State on diplomatic missions to patriarchal societies (given your deep respect for local preferences on those sorts of matters)

But i can see why we have to take your news sources seriously after I found this story on the same site as the "Stevens was gay" story to which you linked

Is Barack Obama Gay?

What’s Barack Obama hiding…and what is the Left going to such lengths to keep hidden?

Could it all boil down to something as simple as Barack Obama being gay?

Is THAT what all the enigma, subterfuge, and Alinsky Goon Squad assaults are all really about?

Is Barack Obama our first down-low, closeted gay President and is Michelle Antoinette Obama our first fully-complicit “beard” of a First Lady?
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