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Default Re: It's Scheme, not Talent.

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
I think that there is something wrong... and the Steelers know that there is something wrong... and the players know that there is something wrong. All three facets (fans, coaches, players) are accustomed to having a top five defense... and none of those three will sit idly by & allow this team's defense to slip downward.

They WILL solve this problem.

In-fighting... or throwing each other under the bus does not help.

Again, I am certain that they are aware of the problem... and that they are all collectively trying to figure it out.
Technically, we do have a top-5 defense. Now, you can qualify that all you want, and you can all be regular spoiled Steelers fans who can't stomach the thought that other teams, by rule, are allowed to win from time-to-time. Or, you can take a peek into the league's present and future thanks to Mr. Goodell and company. In other words, they really are a top-5 defense in this league, and you can all stop whining.

The flip side to this is that they always turn it around whenever they dip downwards, so just imagine how good they're going to be in a few weeks when they get their studs back and iron a few kinks out.
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