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Default Re: Larry Foote Says Players Donít Trust LeBeau

Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post
And you also don't have to convince anyone that denial ain't just a river in Egypt either.
im not the one pretending 31 teams have figured out lebeaus defense and is suddenly "mailing" it in simply because the steelers have lost a total of 46 games in the past 9 seasons that he has been coordinator.

feel free to "deny" you are out of touch with reality all you want.

i get it... its hard to accept that dozens of players and several handfulls of coaches and FO personnel know more as fact, than what you "think" you know.

Well I haven't trusted this system for the last few years.

It's stale, it's old, it's been solved by every team in the league

thats all.
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