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Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Interesting point.

The Colon is definitely smash-mouth. I would say that Pouncey & DD are more of the finesse style. I'm not sure about Adams & Gilbert. [I'm not sure about Adams at all.]

So, do you think that need at least one more O-lineman (LG)... and possibly three (LG, LT, RT)? Or, do you think that these players can adapt to the zone-blocking, finesse style? Better yet, might the interior be finesse, and the tackles be smash-mouth? Similarly, maybe the left side is smash-mouth, and the middle to right side is finesse...???
i think colon will eventually be fine. i just expected him to come right out of the gate gangbusters. i guess my expectations were too high and unrealistic. i still think he will be good, just not the immediate pro-bowler i predicted.

beachum has been understandably horrible. the fact that he even made the roster kinda suggests which direction the OL may be heading. like you said, we will probably stand pat on the outside. starks is cheap and adams and gilbert are way too young to give up on now (like we did w/ urbick).

thats just my opinion. admittedly i am least comfortable discussing the OL as i have never played the position or really even studied it until the past few years.
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