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Default Re: It's Scheme, not Talent.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
many people dont like to hear the stats, but we are 6th in the league in total yards allowed on defense, so it is not like we have nothing to work with.

i am encouraged that we likely get polamalu and harrison back, and certainly hope sylvester can contribute as well.

i was about as excited about spence as i was with decastro.

i wont blame the loss on any of these parts on coaches for "mailing " it in.

to your point, i always hope to get younger and more atheletic with the draft, but i also hope for our younger players that we already have, to pay their dues and come into their own,
I concur with essentially all of that...
... except for Harrison. I fear he may be done for the year (due to that knee). [If he plays, it's a bonus.]

Troy may not be the Troy of 2004-2008, but he still makes that small, but significant, amount of difference... and, honestly, the difference in those two losses was ONE stop. A sack or batted pass on a third down on each of those games, and PITT is 3-0.

I had forgotten about Sly. Indeed, I hope he can make a similar (small, but significant) amount of "difference."

Fifth in total yards; third in passing yards; and eighth in scoring defense. Indeed, something to work with.

Lastly, I agree: the coaches (nor players) are mailing it in. I am certain that they are actively thinking of ways to improve. As I mentioned a few posts back: whatever is "wrong" WILL indeed be corrected.
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