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it means the honeymoon is over for Barry's cult worshipers (except around here, of course)

“Students Against Barack Obama” campaign encourages young people to just say no to B.O.

Blacks are abandoning the Democratic Party

Won’t trade Christian principles for politics

For more than 50 years, the black community has been the wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party. That may be changing. In spite of the overwhelmingly liberal voting patterns of black voters, they are an essentially conservative community. Americans of African descent are more pro-life and pro-family than the average white voter and as conservative on social issues as any white evangelical.

Democrats now have fully embraced an abortion policy that amounts to infanticide. They have also made the lesbian-homosexual-bisexual-transgender agenda their vision for America. How have they managed to hold on to black Christians in spite of an agenda worthy of the Antichrist?

They have shown a ruthless willingness to frighten black voters with outright lies about the plans of conservatives and Republicans. Vice President Joseph R. Biden’s “they gonna put y’all back in chains” was not a gaffe. It is part of the Democrats’ strategy of using fear to keep blacks as a captive audience.

All over the country, black churchgoers are now expressing disenchantment with the Democrats making “same-sex marriage” an official part of their platform. This may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. There are older black Christians who will vote Democratic no matter what, driven by emotional memory rather than spiritual commitment. Younger, committed Christians more readily see the contradiction and the irony.

They are being asked to put aside their biblical and moral vision of the world and submit to the leadership of the Democratic Party because that leadership promises to do something for them. The Democrats’ policies since the 1960s have decimated the black family, perpetuated poverty and created failing schools that operate to benefit unions rather than children. In league with the National Education Association, they oppose every effort to give choice to parents to allow their children to escape failing schools.

Now black churchgoers are being told to suppress Christian conscience and remain beholden to a party that demands their loyalty while insulting their faith and blaspheming their God. For the first time in 50 years, there is a discussion going on in the black community as to whether their loyalty to the Democratic Party is deserved.

Many black pastors are telling their members to stay home, rather than vote for a black president who has done more to advance the cause of homosexuality and abortion than that of black Americans.

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