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Default Re: It's Scheme, not Talent.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
many people dont like to hear the stats, but we are 6th in the league in total yards allowed on defense, so it is not like we have nothing to work with.

i am encouraged that we likely get polamalu and harrison back, and certainly hope sylvester can contribute as well.

i was about as excited about spence as i was with decastro.

i wont blame the loss on any of these parts on coaches for "mailing " it in.

to your point, i always hope to get younger and more atheletic with the draft, but i also hope for our younger players that we already have, to pay their dues and come into their own,
You are kidding right!! Stats!! The stat that opposing teams are converting almost 50 percent of there 3rd downs you forgot to include. How about the one where opposing teams have only had the ball for 24 minutes a game and the Steelers have had it for 36. That's probably the reason they are sixth in yards because opposing teams are not on the field long enough. You cannot hide the facts that this defence stinks. Bad drafting and age has caught up. Woirlds was supposed to replace Harrison or at least be there as a good replacement when he goes down. I said last season and will say it again; a total bust. Horrible secondary and no attention paid to it. The only place they have paid attention to is the d line; and in a 3 man front; oh well those guys can't shine like they can in a 4 man front. I believe the Steelers held on to players too long and are going to pay for it now. Huge salaries will be dumped at the end of this season along with Dick and his passive defence!!
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