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Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Interesting point.

The Colon is definitely smash-mouth. I would say that Pouncey & DD are more of the finesse style. I'm not sure about Adams & Gilbert. [I'm not sure about Adams at all.]

So, do you think that need at least one more O-lineman (LG)... and possibly three (LG, LT, RT)? Or, do you think that these players can adapt to the zone-blocking, finesse style? Better yet, might the interior be finesse, and the tackles be smash-mouth? Similarly, maybe the left side is smash-mouth, and the middle to right side is finesse...???
Nothing finesse about Decastro or Pouncey. When Gerald McCoy says Pouncey was the toughest guy he played against and Almeda Ta'amu says he kept an eye on where DeCastro was in Stanford vs Washington know those guys bring it.

DeCastro, Colon and Pouncey are nasty finishers, but the 2 young guys IMO do a great job at getting position on defenders and driving them. Colon just mauls more than sealing gaps.

Has Kugler done much?? Look at the injuries and talent that he has dealt with the past couple years. The thing that I like about his line so far is that he has them playing beyond the whistle, where I noticed guys from Zeirline's lines standing around and watching the play at times... being less persistent than the defense.

They will be tested this week on blitz pickup. Ben needs to find his hot receivers, while the O line needs to pick up 1 man per man and let the free blitzer come from the farthest distance away. If Mendenhall has any form, I see him rushing for 70 yards on sunday.
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