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Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
Ahhh, I understand where you are at now. If an O lineman isnt a big nasty mauler, he isnt going to play in the NFL unless he is athletic and can get to a defender's correct side to effectively block him out of the play in the run game.

Guys like Darnell Stapleton, Legursky or Sean Mahan are classic examples of linemen that were not overly big and got overpowered by bigger D linemen, but could be effective against them by cutting the off to the play. They might honestly be better in a zone block offense than a power man offense.

Max Unger of Seattle vs. Alex Mack of Cleveland is another classic example where Unger gets his man blocked by technique rather than overpowering him, while Mack plays a stronger game, but is equally as technical and athletic. Unger gets deemed a finesse center, while Mack a powerful kid.

DeCastro and Pouncey are both athletic, get good angles and hand placement, but they finish their blocks with a nasty attitude and try to pancake defenders if they can. Players like Legursky, Stapleton, Unger, etc. tend to try and get their man blocked and get back to the huddle. In reality, there is not that much finesse in the trenches, but rather intelligence and physical execution.
Thant makes total sense. Now, I get it. Thank you.
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