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Default Re: Bruce Arians new Head Coach of Colts...

not one to disappoint, bruce is the gift that keeps on giving (from the beat writers covering his presser)-

Mike Chappell‏@mchappell51
Arians: more interested in the colts than the packers. our 5-star players have to show up in big game.

Mike Chappell‏@mchappell51
Arians: just do what we do. don't get caught up with snot-bubbles and tears. they don't beat anything. brilliant

Phillip B Wilson‏@pwilson24
#Colts Arians on weekly preparation in #NFL: "If you don't get ready, you get beat."

Phillip B Wilson‏@pwilson24
#Colts Arians on Matthews: "I don't think you can overly concern yourself with (one) guy." even if he is 1 of the nfl's leading sack getters

Phillip B Wilson‏@pwilson24
#Colts Arians on his dual role, says some tasks being delegated. "It's just a matter of getting the head-sets figured out" to limit voices.

Phillip B Wilson‏@pwilson24
#Colts Arians doesn't want too many assistants doing more than usual. Trying to keep business as usual as possible without Pagano. God forbid he have some coaches (or a player contribute and step up) = control freak.

Phillip B Wilson‏@pwilson24
#Colts Arians says he probably would get out of coaching if he couldn't call plays. "That's all the fun," he said.

really bruce? THATS why you wouldnt let ben use more no huddle? because you wanted to have your "fun"?

so much explained right there.
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