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Default Re: Larry Foote Says Players Donít Trust LeBeau

It's ironic that LeBeau can be defended based upon "W's" while Arians - with even more "W's" in a career that was four years shorter than LeBeau's gets run out of town on a rail.
so now arians has accumulated more wins as the steelers coordinator than dick lebeau has? lmao!

how is that even possible?

oh, thats right....

it was arians who led his team to a 15-1 record with a rookie qb (i guess we can expect arians to do it again this year with andrew luck).

it was arians who became the first wild card team to win 4 games on the road (including the superbowl) while knocking off the top 4 statistically ranked defenses in the league.

it is arians that has been coaching for 40 years and is in the HOF.

it is arians who has consistantly lead the league (or atleast been top 5 for all major statistical categories for his unit such as yards gained and points scored.)

it is LEBEAU who road his coat tails lingering around with a ranking of "top 25" for points allowed and yards against.

got it! but in the alternate reality that everybody else lives in, it was arians who was pushed out the door, paying immediate dividends of greater time of possession, more yards, more points, less sacks and a qb off to his best career start.

all my "opinion" of course.
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