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Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
The Iraq war and its aftermath, predicated upon lies about weapons of mass destruction, is the leader in the clubhouse for worst U.S. foreign policy debacle since Vietnam - are you really contending the murder of Ambassador Stevens is in the same solar system when it comes to compromising the strategic interests of the U.S.?

Surely you are not contending the Iraq war turned out pretty well, with a government highly sympathetic to Iran now in place in Iraq

And if you think the answer to that problem is to go to war with Iran be careful what you wish for

P.S. - the "failed" sanctions policy has caused the Iranian curency to lose 40% of its value in the last week - too bad we did not start a war instead and blow up the global oil market
Fall back to the old tired bu, bu, bu bush blame game.

Incompetent bunch of fools!

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