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Default Re: Rashard Mendenhall writes for Huffington Post

I understand that I am just one man, and this is just my point of view, but I believe that we live in a very self-focused, self-promotional and -- I hate to say it -- narcissistic culture. Often times we are too interested in talking about ourselves, justifying ourselves and selling ourselves. We're interested in just about anything that has to do with us!

A.K.A. the hip-hop subculture-- the most narcissistic, egocentric, presumptuous, "consequences-be-damned" youth movement ever. Pretty much any rap song equates to ME ME ME ME. My rides, my b1tches, my loot, my problems, my emotions, my feelings, my rides-- all superimposed over a software-generated drum track.

I listen to it from time to time as well as the next guy, but being completely serious-- rap doesn't teach kids to seek peaceful resolution to their problems or to try to find a common ground with others. It teaches kids to be angry, narcissistic, self-centered, chauvenistic, foul-mouthed thugs.

I cannot accept Mendy's previous comments about the Bin Laden killing (it was fully justified for the benefit of all civilized nations), but his thoughts above are something I can get behind.
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