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Default Re: Rashard Mendenhall writes for Huffington Post

Originally Posted by tanda10506 View Post
Why would any right wing Steeler fans hate him over that? That wasn't political, nor did he say anything that should bother anybody. Maybe above the link you should have instead put "left wing moderator will jump to conclusions".
you mean the huffington post isnt the devil and all its content and satanic contributors to be hated by all on the right? whew! a teeny tiny bit in my faith of humanity has been restored.

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
These "right wing Steeler fans" you speak of Tony, do they lurk in your closet or under your bed? Have you ever seen one?

Yeah, Rashard's cut out of different cloth. I have no idea how he survives in the violence and scrutiny of the NFL, but he seems to have retained who he is. Always liked the kid. Wish we'd open some holes for him.

He certainly has added some beef since coming out of high school...

why hello there, vinnie!

what brings you up from the basement and has drug you away from the political discussions down below? you mustve seen Huffington Post in a title and taken the bait.

anyways i wonder if mendenhall also believes people should have a open mind towards islam or liberals?

quite a thought provoking and beefy fellow he is.
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