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Default Re: Larry Foote Says Players Donít Trust LeBeau

Arians Offenses were not big contributing factors to our SB runs. Our Offense was putrid in 2008 and mediocre in 2010. Defense was the driving factor for our wins and SB appearances. We knew damn well our Offense wasn't going to win games.

It's not really the case anymore. This time our Offense is doing it's fair share, but now the Defense has turned into a seive. 31 points is more than enough to win many games in the NFL, but here comes our Defense surrendering 34 and blowing not one, but TWO 10-point leads the Offense has given them against Oakland. A Mediocre Defensive performance wins the game in Oakland, but the D decided to be AWFUL that day.

The Steelers finally have a solid offense that can score, but now the Defense has dropped off a cliff. When you have a Defense that sucks, the Offense has be to top-tier (Patriots, Packers), and while ours is much improved, it's nowhere near top of the line.

Good Offense and Awful Defense equates to a lot of losses.
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