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Default presidential debate

seemed like a fairly tame, uneventful, and somewhat repectful debate (despite the replacement ref jim leher in place of the locked out mod).

absolutely no fireworks.

i thought obama coulda done better. he seemed bored and kinda annoyed to be there. looked like he was reading tweets and texts on his IPhone while romney was speaking. woulda helped to appear a bit more engaged.

romney did much better than i thought he would (not that my bar for him was set much higher than a grasshoppers knees) and seemed very well prepared.

although he was articulate and well spoken, i think he was just off on many of his points.

i dont think any more people came away hating him than already did.

i would say watching the nfl networks third installment of bill belichick "A Football Life- The 1995 Cleveland Browns" featuring the one and only Bill Belichick (starring bill belichick ) was much more entertaining.
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