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Default Re: presidential debate

Originally Posted by cubanstogie View Post
you bought that line of BS about 5 trillion just like the line about hope and change 4 years ago. One thing Obama has proven is he can sell ice to eskimos. I am middle class and not for a minute believe Obama when he said he saved me 4300 or whatever the figure was. I lost 800 in a tax credit he let go and will be taxed on my 1600 a month heath care plan I get from work when his Obama care is passed. Funny too that Obama had the audacity to criticize Romney about being vague when he ran on hope and change in 2008. Funny chit. Don't you libs get tired of getting lied to.
so romneys flip-flop on his 5 trillion dollar tax cut went right over your head as well?

so you were being given $800 that you are no longer being given? doesnt sound like its lost at all to me.

sucks you have to pay taxes on a health care plan you were GIVEN at work. i have to as well.

my company also started making me pay taxes on the brand new 2010 chevy tahoe i have been driving around in and the gas i use.

WHAAAAA!!!!!!!!! woe is me!!!!!!

poor meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

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