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Default Re: Are the Steelers missing their leaders?

Originally Posted by Curtain_of_Steel View Post
Well Ward brings less than nothing to this offense. Last I checked he didnt play Defense. Also, Wrd didn;t practise at all with the team last year, so hearing him potentially say, lets step it up guys, and cheer on the sideline when your standings there doesn't have much of an impact.

Aaron Smith? Whats there to say, leadership starts with being on the field. He wasn't on the field.

Farrior, I'll give him that one. But if he cant play up to the caliber needed you can't just keep everyone so they can stand around?

Perhaps Troy should workout better, stretch more etc so he isn't hurt. The players all wanted less training camp, less preseason games. Now they make excuses because there are new faces and they have to "mesh". Shut up Troy and do you job!
i couldnt disagree with you more.

people are quick to blame cowher for the 2006 8-8 meltdown (in a season we finished 6-2) for having "carolina on his mind",

those same people discount the losses of jerome bettis, von oelhoffen, randle-el. all three were very strong leaders. sure randle-el was never a fantasy stud, but the steelers were in the SB the last 2 years he was with the team.

jerome was a bench role player just like ward was last season, yet ben promised him a ring in 2004 if he would come back for 1 more year.

you dont coach that, and you certainly put a price on that or measure it in statistics.

as for troy, no other active safety has played in as many or won as many rings as him. you have to go all the way back to ronnie lot to find a safety as decorated as him. he was a league MVP which i dont think ronnie lott (or any safety) has ever done. for the first time in his career, he passed on his offseason training regimen in CA with marinovich to be with his team and show leadership and help the younger players learn in non-mandatory work outs and camps.

i'd say he's done "his job"

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