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Default Re: Personnel for a 4-3?

I think personnel is less an issue with switching to a 4-3, than one simple, but HUGE stumbling block-- have they practiced a 4-3 at all? Little if any at all. That's not our scheme.

That sort of change in philosophy does not happen overnight. Few teams have been able to make a smooth transition with a whole offseason to work with. Watching the Colts' version of the 3-4 is entertaining at best this year (the really interesting part is that Arians is now the top dog over there)-- but it sure isn't stopping much.

I think the only major reason you could make to install a 4-3 right now is a lack of depth at LB. Then we only have to worry about fielding 3 LBers as opposed to our normal 4. Also, it removes the burden of pass rushing from the LBers and gives it largely to the DEs. While Hamp and Kiesel have been getting shredded this season, we are still better off at Dline right now with Ziggy, Mclendon, Hood, Ta'amu (in a pinch) than we are with Chris Carter and Worilds providing our non- pass rush.
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