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Default Re: presidential debate


It was a slaughter.

Barack Obama was left in pieces on the stage, destroyed by a Mitt Romney who was smarter, bolder, better informed and more genial.

It was the melt down of a presidency.

If you watched it yourself.

If you saw the debate yourself, if you heard what was being said, it was an amazing display of disparity. Seldom have two politicians been more mismatched.

If you watched it yourself.

But if you listened to the “reporters” after, or if the first you hear is on the “news” this morning, you will undoubtedly hear a different story. The commentary through the night, the first blogs and columns to move across the wire, have all been Obama propaganda.

But the night was Romney’s.

And Mitt was on fire.

It was the performance of a lifetime exactly when it was needed. Romney proved the master of every subject, with a steady stream of data and principle. His criticisms were specific, his suggestions were specific, his victory was clear.

In my 30-plus years of watching presidential debates, I have never seen a more substantive or lopsided presidential debate. Jimmy Carter did better against Ronald Reagan than Barack Obama did against Mitt Romney.

A lot was said, but it was virtually all said by Mitt Romney.

Astoundingly, the leader of the Democratic Party was incapable of advancing or defending either the principles of his party or the actions of his administration. And the guy written off by the evening news was masterful, mature and clearly in charge.

Romney didn’t stutter, he didn’t stumble, he didn’t get off message. And everything he said made Obama look small by comparison.

And a shock went through the Democratic Party.

They are going to lose.

And America is going to win.

If Americans saw it themselves. If they use their own judgment, instead of swallow the lies of the press.

It was a slaughter

Romney won, and Obama was a deer in the headlights.
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