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Default Re: presidential debate

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
so romneys flip-flop on his 5 trillion dollar tax cut went right over your head as well?

so you were being given $800 that you are no longer being given? doesnt sound like its lost at all to me.

sucks you have to pay taxes on a health care plan you were GIVEN at work. i have to as well.

my company also started making me pay taxes on the brand new 2010 chevy tahoe i have been driving around in and the gas i use.

WHAAAAA!!!!!!!!! woe is me!!!!!!

poor meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

woe is me was not the point. I was pointing out Hussein is a LIAR. I am middle class and am not getting breaks he was talking about. 800 less dollars means I get less and I will be paying more taxes due to tax on healthcare. I was not feeling sorry for myself, I do fine. Just pointing out you man is full of chit.
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